MWB – A Strong Partner.

MWB will work with you concepts for new processes and for the restructuring of your logistics processes. To this end, MWB will test all logistic processes, such as material flow or information flow processes, and will point out existing optimization potential. The aim is to identify and implement the best system for your individual requirements.

Even with the introduction of a new logistics system, MWB will actively support you and will cooperate with you in finding the right concept. In such a case, you benefit from our holistic approach. From planning to implementation you get innovative products, customized solutions and counseling matched precisely to your needs.

Your challenges – our expertise.

Growth, quality, time – you need to adapt your processes to these factors all the time. Old and established structures are often characterized by special deliveries, additional transport and widespread storage locations. In many cases, multiple transport systems can be combined into a circuit by means of a tugger train system. These result in better capacity utilization and more efficient transport of goods.

Our path to your success!

In order to meet your requirements exactly, MWB conducts workshops in which we will enter into dialog with you to find out whether the processes proposed are in line with your requirements. Here both the technical possibilities and the process changes will be contemplated. Bottlenecks will be compared with the current and future requirements. Based on these workshops, we will collaborate with you to develop the right solution for your needs.

We are professionals.

The regular, cross-project experience of our consultants in intra-logistics enables a quick introduction to complex customer processes. In this way we and you will reach the optimum together.

The Result.

Logistics costs are sustainably reduced, while the efficiency of your processes and systems is permanently increased. This gives you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Rather sooner than later

We are available for a free consultation at any time, and would be pleased if we could, jointly with you, contribute to the success of your business.